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Tomwin is a technically-oriented translation solution provider that serves clients from all over the world. Tomwin seeks to enable the world to communicate in various languages, to help all our customers succeed globally, and to return profits to and contribute to the community we serve.

Technology-oriented, original global translation company Truthful, Original, and Moving

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Our ample experience and wealth of know-how as well as our unique technical edge and system will most certainly meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We at Tomwin provide you with a one-stop solution that includes localization, globalization, technical writing, e-printing, and smart manual (app) services. Truthful, Original, and Moving, that is what TOMWIN stands for. Our goal is to be a truthful, original partner touching the hearts of our customers. Our mission and dream is to connect businesses in the world, to satisfy our customers with our innovative solutions, and to make all our stakeholders all over the world smile through our tireless efforts.

Fair Translation

Newly introduced to the translation industry Fair Translation

First of all, Fair Trade is a social initiative based on the international trade market model aimed at promoting fair trade of various products and meeting the social and ecological standards of various regions. Tomwin is the first translation service provider to introduce this concept to the industry, having coined the phrase “Fair Translation.”

Fair Translation is a concept that is being promoted by Tomwin to ensure that translators understand and respect the clients and get fairly paid.

High-quality translation is not possible without highly skilled and experienced translators who provide the 'good materials' for translation. Translators who produce high-quality translation can only be motivated to improve on a continued basis if they are paid fairly. We at Tomwin ensure that such good translators get fairly paid and produce a quality that satisfies the clients in return; thus helping both translators and clients.


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