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We translate, dub, or subtitle multimedia files in Flash, Articulate, avi, and swf formats and check the output for any errors and incorporate customer feedback to ensure the same quality as the source materials. We have Flash and multimedia experts familiar with translation processes and languages concerned and experienced in translation and hire voice actors preferred by the customer to ensure the best quality. We translate game and app as well as other mobile contents into multiple languages and test and confirm the output on the app to maintain top quality.

Multimedia Process

Source File→Translation using CAT tools→Dubbing & Editing→Review & Test→One Stop Service

e-Printing (e-Manual / e-Learning) & Smart Manual

Formerly printed, today's manuals are increasingly published electronically. Vehicle user's manuals and service manuals can be translated into the requested languages and implemented as e-Manuals. Online training materials such as e-Learning can also be translated into the desired languages. Smart Manual: e-Manuals and e-Learning materials can be implemented in apps in a mobile environment. This is what we call the Smart Manual.

e-Printing Process-e-Manuals If there is a source file

Source File→Translation using CAT tools→Maximize efficiency→Publishing→One Stop Service

e-Printing Process-e-Manuals If there is no source file

Original File→Converted into editable format→Source File→Translation using CAT tools→Maximize efficiency→Publishing→One Stop Service


Tel +82-2-3144-4874 Fax +82-2-3144-4983
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